Ultimate Ship Tour

On one of our sea days we all took the Ultimate Ship Tour. We were eager to do this and knew not having any elite status or early boarding excuses, our chances were slim to get 12 people together on a tour that would only support 15. We knew it would sell out before we ever had a chance to board the ship.

In the last few months before we left I learned about something called Bon-Voyage Experience. I was hopeful, this may work. The premise of the BVE is to bring non-cruising passengers onto the ship to experience it for a few hours before it sets sail. It also allows these non-cruising passengers to board with a guest who is cruising. So I knew, all I need to do is get my sister who lives in the San Francisco to accept my invitation to lunch aboard the Star Princess. After she agreed to join us for lunch I called and booked her BVE. I told them I would like to add these other booking numbers to her BVE booking. I quickly learned that we would probably not be able to all board with her. I was told I was welcome to ask once at the pier that morning from the BVE Host. Fingers crossed we went for it. While initially hesitant to let 12 people board with my sister we did eventually all make it on. Thanks to the Princess BVE host we were all allowed to board by 11:15 and go straight to guest relations and hog 12 of the 15 available UST spots. A few days into the trip we received in our cabin a time and place to meet. I believe it was right outside the IC. The swag is not quite a $150 value but close. Here are 4 of the photos taken by the ship photographer. Besides the bridge, forecastle, engineer, and theater we also visited the hospital, printing room, crew mess, laundry, spa, and kitchen including food storage, food prep areas, up and down the H1. Well worth the $150 once a decade or so.